Thursday, July 18, 2013

What an ADVENTURE! China & Taiwan 2013

So, now that I'm officially over jet lag, altitude change, and that initial slump after a vacation going into real life....phew! I'M BACK

I just spent almost my entire summer having adventures in Asia. I learned some new stretches, dance steps, and other great lessons. Something that helped me get over my jet lag, surprisingly was going to yoga! The key is going in the morning, because you are so excited to go that you have to wake up and get going. Then you are so energized and motivated following class that it gives you an extra boost to get through the day. Or, at least that is how my logic worked.

Hopefully this massive picture post will redeem my lack of posts over the last few months!
Happy Training! à bientôt!

Just for kicks and giggles I'd like to include some fun pictures from my adventures:

 Epic fail at dress rehearsal=gash to the shin and massive bruising

 One of my favorite meals, and I found it at a restaurant: Spaghetti and Marinara

 Red Panda's are soft

 And don't forget the instant noodles at 1:00 AM!!

 Garden at the hot springs in Xi'an, China

 Afternoon bike ride around the old Xi'an city wall, China. Great workout!

 Large Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an, China

 Gotta love those antique shops and their giant cauldrons!

 Got to fill some of my archaeology cravings...

 Torrential rain in Xi'an at the Terra-cotta warriors site, China

 No, the sun didn't explode, we were just so high up on the Great Wall that we were in the clouds. :)

 Inside an alcove in the Badaling section of the Great Wall, Beijing, China
 Jumping around, literally...Great Wall Turret

 They have some delicious yogurt drinks in both China and Taiwan

 I was able to see quite a few ancient pagodas in China. This one was in Beijing on the campus of a university.

 The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

 I was able to eat some incredible things. Ignore the look on my face, the deep-fried scorpion was actually quite tasty! What does it taste like? Potato chips. :)

 I was able to attend an incredible ballet performance guessed it, the incredible egg theatre in Beijing! (a.k.a. National Centre for the Performing Arts)

 Lots and lots of beautiful rain...on the only day set aside to finding monkeys. Luckily we got to see a few before the storm drove them into the trees. But we also got to enjoy an incredible storm! Kaohsiung, Taiwan

 Lots of night markets, lots of yummy food. above: Sushi in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

 Here's the trick to getting fruit in China and Taiwan....fruit stands. We bought this watermelon and peanut butter roll then ate our dumplings and drank soymilk. Made for a great meal! Hualien, Taiwan

 Lots of crazy ice desserts that I had never had before. One of these flavors tasted like a candle scent... Ice dessert shop in Hualien, Taiwan

 Be one with the gorilla. Taipei Zoo, Taipei, Taiwan inner child?

 Yes. I tried it. Stinky Tofu (fried version). Not bad in texture, but the smell was difficult. Kaohsiung, Taiwan night market on the island.

 Yes! made it almost to the top of the mountain... Dali-Datung trail, Taroko Gorge, Taiwan


 Still the Dali-Datung trail, we needed to get a permit to hike this trail. Not five minutes into the trail I could see why a permit was necessary. Great day full of 7 hours of hiking (mostly Dali trail). We climbed up the steep side of the trail from the visitor's center trail head and later came back down the same way. Definitely a workout. 

 Tianxiang stop in Taroko Gorge. Close to the start of the trail to the waterfall cave. Easier hike, totally worth doing! Bring a rain-jacket.

 Good morning sunshine! After a sticky night camping in Kenting, Taiwan.

 I was determined to make it to at least one yoga class while we were in Taiwan. Space Yoga, Taipei, Taiwan. Great yoga studio with great facilities and the instructor that we had for hot yoga was awesome!

 On the southern tip of Taiwan, in Kenting near the lighthouse. There is an awesome boardwalk that takes you along the southern tip with a great view of the protected coral beach on the one hand and mosquito infested jungle on the right. Bring mosquito repellent.

 Feel the itch, love the itch! In the jungle in Kenting after a morning run...being eaten alive by giant striped mosquitos and lovin' it!

Yes, I did show up to church with all my stuff on my back. And riding on the metro in dresses and packs was definitely epic. On the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) temple ground in Taipei, Taiwan, where there is also a chapel in a building used for LDS church meetings.

More incredible Taiwan dessert....jelly, beans, corn, ice, syrup, muaji/mochi, etc.It tastes incredible! At a restaurant in a Taipei night market.

 I was able to meet some incredible dancers in China and add more dancers to the list of "dancers I look up to."

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China. If you go make sure you get up close, it is worth the stair-climb to see all the detailed painting and architectural details.

Yay!! You made it to the bottom. I bet you can guess what my favorite hairstyle is at this point. o:)