Sunday, September 23, 2012

PURE BARRE: Lose Inches, Sculpt Muscles, See Results Fast

Carrie Rezabek leads you through a fitness routine that will focuses on isolations. It's filmed in a studio, but isn't awe-inspiring film quality. But that shouldn't effect whether or not the workout is effective. Carrie totally makes me think of a buff Jennifer Love Hewitt! The music isn't the most interesting but it has a beat to keep you going.

This is a workout that anyone can do. If you don't have a mat then a rug would work great to pad the knees. If you don't have a barre you can use a chair, table or something else that is stable. If you don't have weights you could lift water bottles and cans. You might get bored with the small isolations, but they are effective and will do the job!

This is the first out of her Pure Barre Series, and her later ones may have more variation, or be very different. I plan on trying one of them too to see what Pure Barre turned into!

What you'll need:
  • a mat
  • two set of weights (a light set and a heavy set)
  • stable support (table, chair, barre, etc)
Below is an outline of the workout:
  • Warm Up (11 min.)
    • You'll begin with weights, move to plank poses and other upper-body exercises.
  • To the Barre (7  min.)
    • She begins with a plié inspired exercise, that really isn't anything like a ballet plié sequence but it sure burns! I think the purpose of the barre in this workout isn't to make you a graceful dancer, but to use it as a tool to workout.
  • To the Mat (3 min.)
    • Begins by stretching out your thighs, and other muscle groups.
  • To the Barre (8 min.)
    • More muscle isolations. The first muscles isolated are behind the knee (popliteus) and the "seat" muscles. 
  • To the Mat (6 min.)
    • This time you are doing toning exercises at the mat.
  • Stretch on the Mat (1 min.)
    • Staying on the mat you move into some stretches which feel glorious after all of the reps.
  • Abdominals (5 min.)
    • She does things so slowly that it is difficult to stay focused sometimes, but you will likely be feeling an intense burn by the end of the ab section. My muscles were already tired so I was shaking! This section consists of 3 abdominal exercises.
  • Stretching & Toning (2 min.)
    • stretch on your back, then move into an up-dog position, continuing into various stretches.
If you are interested in purchasing this DVD view the link below:
Purchase on Amazon

If you want more information on Carrie Rezabek then check out her website:
PureBarre Website

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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