Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YOGA BEAUTY BODY: Kundalini Yoga with Ana Brett

Ana Brett and Ravi Singh's Kundalini yoga dvds are how I was first introduced to yoga. So of course I have a nostalgic spot for them. I am selective about what sequences I participate in, but that's just because of my own personal beliefs.

I would recommend this DVD for married women or mothers, especially seeking meditation and relaxation. Life can be overwhelming sometimes and when it is, this is a good DVD to use. Ana and Ravi talk you through each step and help you clear your mind and focus on positive things.

Using the matrix menu option I selected the following:

Breath Primer (5 min.)- a short exercise that introduces the different breathing styles used in the DVD and warms up your lungs. The music playing is relaxing and energizing at the same time!

Warm Ups (4 min.)- I quick warm up beginning with breath and then moving with the breath to warm up the legs.

Yoga Set Part 1 (19 min.)-Begins in child's pose. This is a workout that is more emotional and personal. Meditation is included between exercises. The specific breathing techniques are also important. But if you have to modify breath of fire (like me because I have a stuffy nose) then you can breath through your mouth. There is a variation on chair pose, bow pose, locust pose and a few others!

Yoga Set Part 2 (16 min.)-This is a continuation of the first part. You can either stop before this and continue to deep relaxation or you may complete this part and then continue to deep relaxation. I skip the last pose Sat Kriya more often than not. You may find that you want to as well, or that you want to try it.

Deep Relaxation (3 min.)- Consists of savasana or corpse pose and some deeply relaxing music.

If you are interested in purchasing this DVD on Amazon see the link below:
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Happy Training! à bientôt

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