Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BALLET CLASS with DMITRI ROUDNEV: Demonstration of exercises for music of Best of Ballet Class vol. V

Dmitri Roudnev was trained with the Bolshoi ballet, and the DVD description claims that his ballet students have less injuries. I am currently not taking a ballet technique class, and so this was a good option for me to practice at home. I do however have a mini studio and ballet barres at my apartment which makes it more convenient for me. But the exciting thing is that you can practice these exercises almost anywhere! Before I had my studio space I practiced in the kitchen on the tile floor, or in an empty studio during lunch at school. If you are a ballet dancer you will find a way, because your body, mind and spirit will crave the dance. Dmitri also has a thick accent which helps the class feel more authentic.

This DVD is meant for an Intermediate to Advanced ballet student. Nothing is broken down, and ballet terminology is used throughout the entire class. Dmitri will demonstrate the exercise once, then you are expected to do the exercise with the ballerina demonstrating how it should be done with the music. Within the first 23 min. you will have done a warm-up tendu, two plie combinations (one with more tendus), an additional tendu plie followed by a degage combination, and a ronde de jambe combination (which includes a "Russian" ronde de jambe! :) ). If you learn these combinations and know them by heart they would make a fantastic pre-performance warm-up or focusing exercise. There is apparently a CD with the music that accompanies the combinations, I will include a link to this CD at the end.

Next is a fondu, frappe (there are different methods on how to perform a proper frappe, so if this doesn't look like your frappe...don't panic! just adapt it to your method.), ronde de jambe en l'air, petit battement, adage at the barre, and a grand battement combination. And so by 43 minutes the barre is completed and you move to center. The barre combinations might not require an entire room, but some of these center combinations might. This is where it might be helpful to have the music on your ipod and practice it in a larger area.

Center is comprised of an adagio, tendu, pirouettes en dehors, fondu, balance, grand battement,  chasse, assemble, ballone, petit allegro/jumps, sissone, 2 grand allegros, fouette turns, and finishes the class with  saute-echappe.

This is an incredibly valuable resource for ballet instructors and dancers alike. An intermediate level in ballet technique is recommended for dancers looking into practicing these combinations in order to reduce risk of injury.

If you are interested in purchasing this Ballet Class DVD with demonstrations for each exercise click here.
If you are interested in purchasing the music CD that accompanies each exercise for personal practice click here.

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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