Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Calorie Burning & Self Improvement

Between the holidays and the new year approaching I feel like I am always on the look out for something to keep me in shape. If you are like me, eggnog or some other delicious treat is a large part of your holiday season. There are a multitude of motivating programs and calendars out there to get you going the way that you respond best, but here's an idea. Each day, for the next twelve days I will be posting what I am adding to my daily routine to keep the eggnog from sticking! I'll be focusing on variation throughout the week. If you work the same muscle group too often then the muscles become less efficient in their function, and you are at higher risk for overuse injuries. At the same time if you want to see improvement in anything then the exercise should be done 3-5x a week (the same principle applies to stretching and gaining flexibility). If you are looking to maintain your happy place then only 3x a week is perfect. In every conditioning program there is also a day of rest. You can choose what day that is for you, but my schedule and personal feelings align with keeping Sunday as that day of rest.

The best time to do anything fitness related is before you get busy. This is why I prefer the 6am yoga classes over the 5pm yoga classes. By the end of the day you will be tired and just want to rest, so make a goal to workout when you have the motivation!  Below I've laid out a general schedule that I'm going to follow.

1. Dec. 13 Abs (See Workout)
2. Dec. 14 Legs (See Workout)
3. Dec. 15 Back (See Workout)
4. Dec. 16 Rest Day (See Blurb)
5. Dec. 17 Arms (See Workout)
6. Dec. 18 Back (See Workout)
7. Dec. 19 Legs (See Workout)
8. Dec. 20 Abs (See Workout)
9. Dec. 21 Legs (See Workout)
10. Dec. 22 Back (See Workout)
11. Dec. 23 Rest Day
12. Dec. 24 Abs (See Workout)

I'll be posting these workouts on my website, but I will use this post to add links in case that is easier for you to navigate to the workouts from here. If you have an awesome workouts to share during this holiday please feel free to email me using the contact page on my website.

One extra note, while I will be enjoying more treats than normal, I am also making the goal to stay hydrated (by drinking water), and to control my portion sizes when it comes to the desserts. There will always be another pie to consume, or eggnog to drink, so why eat yourself sick?

Happy Training, and Happy Holidays! à bientôt!

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