Sunday, August 19, 2012

FAT FREE YOGA: Lose Weight & Feel Great

Fat Free Yoga with Ravi Singh & Ana Brett was one of my first introductions to yoga. This was before I knew that there were different kinds. Kundalini Yoga is great for the spine and flexibility; also for detox, toning and weight loss. I have never had natural flexibility, especially in my lower back, and this DVD has helped me to gain some of that flexibility. I like the movement during the first three exercises on the DVD, and the occasional breaks for meditation or relaxation during each segment is also welcome. 

If you have never been introduced to other types of yoga this one may come as a shock to you, or you may not feel like it is yoga. If you need to think of it as something entirely different in order to enjoy it, then that’s totally fine. Even though I’m comfortable with this exercise routine I still prefer to do this in a quiet room where I can clear my thoughts and relax. You may want to do the same.

I definitely feel energized, have broken a sweat, and have more clarity of thought after using this DVD. I like that feeling and enjoy using this DVD when I need a light workout, or something to relieve my stress. I also feel like I can conquer my cravings for chocolate or ice cream after completing just the first of the workouts! That is why I find this one helpful.

*Ana Brett doesn’t wear the most modest outfits while demonstrating in her DVDs so if you are sensitive to that you may not be comfortable with this purchase. For this reason it is probably not child friendly. On the other hand I find her slim figure to be motivating and encouraging.

**Breath of fire can take a while to acclimate your body to. You have to breathe evenly in and out in order to prevent getting dizzy or sick. When I first did this I stuck with my deep yoga breath then worked my way into breath of fire later. I also only use the first 3, segments, sometimes the fourth. I’ve listed the names of the other segments on the DVD so that you may see what is included in the purchase.

  • Start Your Engines (14 min.): Good for anyone, all of the seated poses can be modified to sitting on the couch, and you can go at your own speed during both standing and seated exercises.
    • 2 standing, meditation, 2 seated, meditation, 1 seated, meditation.
  • Fight Fire with Fire (21 min.): focuses on the “fire in the belly” and all of the poses have something to do with your core.
    • 2 lying down, meditation, 1 on stomach, meditation, 1 on back, 1 on stomach, meditation, 1 on back, meditation, 1 seated, 1 on stomach, meditation.
  • No Impact Aerobics (14 min.):  focuses on getting your heart rate up and burning calories while doing low-impact cardio exercises.
    • 1 standing, 1 difficult, 1 kneeling, meditation, 2 sets of modified push-ups meditation, 2 on back, 1 seated, meditation
  • Your Life is in Your Own Glands (14 min.): This section is focusing on stimulating your glands through poses and breath. Most of it is about the breath (breath of fire, snippets, etc) and is difficult for most people. I typically won’t do this one unless I feel up to it.
    • 1 cow pose breath of fire, 1 cat pose breath of fire, 1 child’s pose, seated meditation, seated snippet breath, seated meditation, 1 on back, 1 seated, meditation.
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Breath Meditation with Hands like a Teapot
  • Meditation for Emotional Healing
  • Closing Prayer

If you are interested in purchasing this DVD see the link below:

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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