Saturday, August 11, 2012

TEEN YOGA: Feat. Alley LaForce & Kathleen Kastner

Yoga expert Kathleen Kastner is joined by Alley LaForce (MissTeen USA 2005) in a flow yoga class. Even before I've started the routine I already love Kathleen's teaching style! She describes breath in a way that I never have heard a yoga instructor say before! You'll have to use the DVD to find out how she says it! ;)

I think this is a great routine for beginners and intermediates, I found some of the poses difficult, and some of them easy. Kathleen provides variations going from beginner to advanced so that you can always get a good workout from this routine! 

As the title indicates, it was made specifically for teens, to keep them healthy, strong and beautiful. It also builds flexibility, which I think is important to being able to function with less injury. An example of this is that she works you into the splits over time and the straddles as well. I think this is a great routine and I'm so glad that I found it! (thanks to Sonya who asked me to try it!)

If there is one thing that I would change the next time that I practice this routine it would be to select the "instruction without music" option on the DVD and play my own. I felt like the instructor was very positive and relaxing, but when it was difficult I wished that the music would carry me through the poses a little more.

If you are interested in purchasing this DVD see the link below:

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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