Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FLOW YOGA: Strength & Flexibility

To be honest I bought this BodyWisdom DVD because I liked the way it looked... and because I am becoming fond of flow yoga. I find that it moves a little more, calms a little more, and gives you more dynamic stretches. I feel like I'm dancing and meditating at the same time! Of course this DVD moves slower than some of Shiva Rea's routines, but I think it is all the better for the strength-building and toning!

This DVD has hours of incredible yoga! It is recommended on the main menu that whatever amount of the DVD you do that you include time for a warm up and a cool down if possible. There is a warm up and a cool down included on this DVD that I would recommend using if you have the time.

I also like the format of this DVD because the routines are split up into target areas. I love it! You can customize your workout to where you want to feel the burn. When you select a routine, (e.g. hips) it will give you several options, like "hips (45 min.), hips w/ warm up (55min.), hips w/cool down (60 min.), hips w/ warm-up & cool down (75 min.)." So if you are already warm, or have your own cool down then you are set to go! If you want to do multiple target areas, never fear, you can just select the first option (hips (45 min.) and go back to the main menu and select another sequence when you are done.

Fantastic workout! Definitely challenging for anyone. This may be a slow flowing yoga, but it is fit for a warrior! See if you can't convince your husbands/significant other to try it with you. ;) If you are a beginner, start small and work your way up to longer routines that require more strength. If you are intermediate, or an active person this will still be a challenge, but you could probably start with the longer routines to see how you like it!

Below is a list of the sequences included:
  • Warm Up (10 min.)
    •  A short and gentle warm up with some twists and mild movement improvisation.
  • General Flow (25 min.)
    •  Starts slow for the first minute or so, then she gets right into the movement. My legs were burning a little over halfway through, but especially during Warrior 3 pose! Very good for developing overall strength and tone. She also has a dynamic stretch that I have done before in dance and absolutely love how it feels! You go from a low lunge into what she called monkey pose that stretches your calves and hamstrings.
  • Arms (40 min.)
    •  Knowing how difficult it was to complete the other routines I was dreading this one. But instead of the enormous amount of push ups that I was expecting, there were arm and shoulder stretches. There were also poses like side plank, forearm plank with some small movements. Another great workout!
  • Back Bends (35 min.)
    •  This sequence is not only to strengthen and tone like none other, but also to build the strength and teach the correct alignment when doing back bends. There are small baby back bends until the last few poses and you are able to do bigger back bends. I loved doing this because I was able to do the back bends without feeling any compression in my lower back. I believe this is because I did this exercise.
  • Legs (40 min.)
    •  Ever wanted those beautiful yogi legs? This is the way to get them! down-dog split, warrior, low lunge, chair pose, and other balancing poses create the perfect toning and strength building exercise for your legs! A yoga band, towel, theraband or other item may be used at the end during stretching.
  • Core Strength (45 min.)
    •  Begins with delicious cat-cow poses! You then continue to move through a rigorous sequence of ab sculpting poses. I love this one, and would do it any day instead of crunches. ;)
  • Hips (45 min.)
    •  Killer workout!!! Intense stretches that are great for runners! Pigeon, down-dog split, and other awesome hip-openers! She also has some nice transitions from pose to pose that I enjoy!
  • Cool Down (20 min.)
    •  Begins in a seated twisting pose, this is a great cool down with stretches that will help your muscles relax and release to reduce soreness. Deep relaxation and light meditation makes up the last 7-ish minutes of this cool down. Great for preparing yourself mentally for a productive day, or simply to relax and clear your mind before bed.
If you are interested in purchasing this DVD see the link below:

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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