Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Purpose of this Blog

Dear Readers,

I published a post similar to this yesterday but it promptly disappeared, I wanted to apologize to those who still had the link and wanted to read it. I'll try to make this as close as possible to what it was. 

I realize that I have never introduced myself to my readers. So I am going to take this post to introduce myself, my long term and short term goals, and clearly state the purpose of this blog.

I'm excited that this blog has gotten so much attention, and it's only existed a few weeks! I honestly didn't expect so much generosity and frankly, so many readers! I started this blog initially to keep track of my thoughts regarding the workouts that I had tried. I got this idea around 1 AM one night after doing yoga with one of my yoga-buddies. We couldn't remember what we thought of a DVD that we had used the previous week, except that it was a good workout. The next morning I told my husband, "Guess what? I started a blog!" He looked over my measly two posts and then proposed a plan. I didn't expect him to be so excited about the blog, especially since I practically stayed up all night just setting it up.

So here's the plan, I'm already working on a BFA in Dance, and I already have a goal of getting certified as a yoga instructor. I've already been teaching dance for two wonderful years, and am  helping make a curriculum for a dance program. My husband said, "Have you ever considered becoming a trainer?" I wasn't sure I knew what he meant and responded, "I already give private lessons." He clarified...So here I am, one week away from starting fall semester of school and with a goal to become a certified personal trainer by December!

My goal for this blog will be similar to my goal as a personal trainer, I want to help people become more functional.  Not only will I be posting my thoughts on workouts that I have tried and liked, but I will also be making posts or videos for workouts that I will create, either by request or for a specific purpose. I believe that a large part of living is being able to use your body to do what you want; whether that is hiking, running, dancing, or just being a parent. Whatever your goals is, or whatever you want to be, that is what I want to help you become.

Wish me luck as I take on this fall semester! If you have any requests or workouts that you want me to try feel free to email me at:

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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