Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AIM TRUE YOGA: Calorie Burning, Flexibility & Toning

Kathryn Budig is a great yoga instructor! I love this DVD because she moves through progressions that help you and your body perform more advanced poses. She is very cheerful, and encourages a smile during the routines. Her imagery and analogies are unique, and the workout leaves you feeling motivated and satisfied. Because she includes the more complicated poses in her workout, it takes more energy but it is so worth it! She gives you something to work towards. 

The DVD comes with two different workouts plus a killer downloadable workout for your core!

Here are the different routines included on the DVD:
  • Beginner’s Practice (Mid Beginning/Intermediate) 25 min.  
    •  Kathryn takes you through plank, down-dog, Introduces you to cobra and up-dog and uses a series of warrior poses as well. She takes you through some great preparations for poses that are in Authentic Flow and prepares you to do jumps in and out of plank.
  • Authentic Flow (intermediate/advanced) 45 min.  
    • You should probably have some basic Yoga experience in order to complete this section. It is more difficult and some of the twisting warrior poses get a little confusing. Dancers, you would LOVE this! Backbends, handstand/headstand prep, standing split, etc.  
  • Power Up Your Core 6 min. 
    • This is the downloadable workout for your core that comes with the DVD! Awesome to quickly blast your core anytime! 
  • Yoga Poses Demystified
    • This section of the DVD is a great resource for yogi's of all experience! Kathryn goes through basic poses and movements and demonstrates while explaining the alignment and feelings needed for each one. You can just watch or do it with her and feel what she is explaining.
If you are more interested in Kathryn Budig then you could check out her website:

*Just be cautious when it comes to her "Press" section because of some of the advertisements she has been in, and her lack of clothes in them. I personally avoid that section.

Since Amazon.com is an awesome place for DVDs I've included the link below:

Happy Training! à bientôt!

*second image pulled from her website, and is not a pose included on this DVD.

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  1. I did this one and I would say it's definately good for beginners, but it also gets harder the farther into the disc you go, so I really liked the bit of challenge. It made me feel nice and refreshed. :)