Thursday, July 19, 2012

YOGA ZONE: Power Yoga for Strength & Endurance

My friend and I have been doing yoga in the evenings, and last night was Yoga Zone with Lisa Bennett. Both beginner and more advanced variations are demonstrated. This is a great workout for anyone looking to tone, strengthen and even work on their balance. My legs were burning before we were halfway through, and I even felt the burn in my ankles and sometimes in my feet! It burned so "good" and I definitely will be doing it again. It is older so their outfits are slightly dated...particularly Charles, that is demonstrating some of the variations for you. But, if anything this just adds some fun to your workout. :)

Poses include: chair pose (very much like holding a squat), warrior poses (lots of lunges), chaturanga (like a push up) and down-dog. 

If you don't mind commercials and don't want to invest in the DVDs quite yet there are some routines on Hulu for free:

I purchased my DVD from but you can find it other places too, I'm sure.
Happy training! à bientôt!

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