Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is a basic outline of the workout that my sister does before bed. She took her favorite exercises and put them together into a routine to receive an all over body boost. The amount of reps for each section change each day according to how she feels or what her goal is for that day. I inserted links to youtube videos demonstrating what her names for the exercises mean, as what we call  the exercises may be different than what others call them.

My sister talked me through what she does and even doing a small amount of reps I was "glistening" by the halfway point.

The workout is split up into segments based on the target area:




You're done!!!  Remember, you can adjust it to whatever level you want. If you want more of a challenge, do more reps. My sister does 10-30 of each exercise.

Happy Training! à bientôt!

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