Thursday, July 19, 2012

WATER BABY: Pool Workout (Updated)

I personally haven't had any children yet, but this is a workout that two of my sisters tried when they were pregnant. I've looked over the workout and actually tried it with them (yes, even though I'm not preggo) and it feels fantastic! 

I think that the benefits of this workout would include: 
  • It's easy on the joints
  • Takes the pressure off your poor preggo back
  • It gives great resistance
  • It's fun!!
Here is what my sister had to say:

"I avoided the ones that required a pool noodle since I didn't have one and I don't like laying my head back in the water.

#5 - 'upper body sweep' was my favorite exercise to do since it reminded me of yoga. It is a balancing pose that also luxuriously stretches the muscles from your back and shoulders down to your toes. It was so freeing to elongate my whole body without the fear of falling on my tummy. A good water-yoga continuation is to stretch your arms forward, palms touching, and lean forward until you can no longer balance, then allow the leg you are balancing on to drift up and straighten behind you, level with your other lifted leg.Slowly skim forward to come into a belly-float with your entire body stretched out flat for a few seconds. You don't have to put your face all the way in the water, but that is how it should be done for the full stretch. Repeat on the other leg."

Here is the link to the page:

Here is the link to the actual workout (or click the "click here to view water baby workout" link halfway down the page from the above link):

Happy Training! à bientôt!
 *image pulled from the Water Baby page.

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  1. I will probably do more of this for baby two. =)