Tuesday, July 24, 2012

YOGALOSOPHY: Yoga Meets Toning to Sculpt Sleek Muscles

This morning my sisters and I did this yoga workout. Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy combines yoga poses with other toning exercises to create a great toning and strengthening workout! Also, some of you may know Mandy as the Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor; no wonder Jennifer is so gorgeous!

This workout includes:
  • Chair Pose/Squats
  • Crescent Pose/Lunges
  • Temple Pose/Second Position Plie
  • Boat Pose/V-ups
  • Bridge Pose and many others...

The general pattern of the workout is that she will introduce a pose, hold it, then add the exercise (i.e. squats), and then pulse.

The entire workout is 35 minutes. I haven't tried the "Fully Loaded Challenge" yet, but even the 35 minutes, to me, is worth the purchase.

Mandy does talk a lot through the workout, but there is also an option to do the workout without the instruction if that bothers you. I think she is hilarious and actually enjoy listening to her talk me through the exercises. There are a couple times that she uses the phrase "I have a great a**!" simply because that is her mantra, and if that bothers you, you can always select the option without the verbal instruction.

I felt the burn mostly in my legs. Mandy has gorgeous legs, and having an instructor that looks the part is always a motivating factor for me. Some of you who are a bit more sensitive to clothing modesty may notice that her shorts are just short enough that sometimes the camera view can be a little awkward. However, if you are working out you won't be focusing on that anyway.

I purchased mine from Amazon.com for less than $10:

For anyone interested further in Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy can check out her website:

Anyone interested in her Youtube channel where she posts some short routines check out this link:

Happy Training!  à bientôt!

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