Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TARA STILES: Weight Loss and Balance

I've already written a post on another one of Tara's DVDs. This one is one of my favorites to do in the mornings; especially if I miss my morning run. This DVD is great for yoga beginners/intermediate, and is easier than her other one (click here to view her other DVD). For those that are more advanced you can always change up the sequence with advanced variations, and there is also an option to have the instruction muted with just the music playing. The cinematography is beautiful, and the music is relaxing!

Even though there are similar transitions and poses used in both DVDs I feel completely different at the end of this than I do the other. There is a lot less down-dog split in this DVD than in the other. The most common pattern that she uses in this class is Down-dog to Plank to Up-Dog and back to Down-dog. My arms definitely feel the burn!

I love this DVD workout because I feel cheerful and relaxed afterwards! This is why I prefer to do this routine in the morning since I am motivated by the time I've finished, or at night I'll do the easier variations and be ready for bed. Tara starts pretty slow making sure that you have warmed up before she picks up the pace. There are some awesome "yoga pretzel" moments, but nothing that should intimidate anyone away from using this DVD!
Tara does talk fast, but she does well to explain what is happening. I personally don't mind her instruction or talking during most of the workout, but I can understand that may not be the case for everyone.

Here is a link to the Tara Stiles website, more specifically her videos page (which is much better than my yoga playlist link I posted in an earlier Tara Stiles post):

Happy Training! à bientôt!