Sunday, July 29, 2012

TAI CHI: For Beginners with Chris Pei

If you've ever wanted to learn one of the martial arts from The Last Airbender, then this is a great place to start! This is an awesome instructional DVD for Tai Chi. I really like the way that it is set up, because each exercise can be selected separately from the others. This way if I just want to complete the warm-up and practice two other exercises, then I can do that without the hassle finding the right spot in a long workout. 

Tai Chi is something that is difficult to put onto a DVD and learn, simply because there is so much going on that it would be hard to see from one angle. I think that the cinematography is supurb, as it allowed me to see different views of the movement so that I could implement anything that I had missed before.

Here is the list of exercises that you will learn from this DVD:
  • Opening, Parting the Wild Horse's Mane, White Crane Separates it's Wings
  • Brush and Push, Hands Strums the Lute, Closing
  • Opening, Repulse Monkey Steps Back
  • Ward Off, Squeeze, Grasping Bird's Tail
  • Single Whip, Press and Lift
  • Kicks, Box Upon His Ears
  • Squats, Snake Creeps Down, Golden Rooster
  • Fair Lady Works the Shuttle, Picking Up the Needle, Fan Through the Back, Turn Chop with Fists, Parry Block and Punch
  • All Movements

The warm-up is simple, but surprisingly really good. My joints really did get warm and I was prepared for the first exercise that I tried.

Each exercise is broken down so that you can learn the basic movements, repeat them and before you know it you are doing everything smoothly. Tai Chi definitely will take practice to be able to remember the movements on my own, so this is a DVD for practice and repeated use. Chris Pei is a master teacher, and I look forward to the next time that I use this DVD to practice my Tai Chi. :)
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Happy Training! à bientôt!


  1. We should have a tai chi party.

  2. We totally should! Let me know when you want to and we'll make it happen!